Mathematical Communication is a developing collection of resources for engaging students in writing and speaking about mathematics, whether for the purpose of learning mathematics or of learning to communicate as mathematicians.

Examples of good math writing

The following writing can be used as a basis for discussion about good writing technique.

  • The MAA Writing Awards
    These expository papers are often written at a level accessible to undergraduates.
  • The I. Martin Isaacs Prize for Excellence in Mathematical Writing is awarded by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) “for excellence in writing of a research article published in a primary journal of the AMS”
  • The Levi Conant Prize recognizes the best expository paper published in either the Notices of the AMS or the Bulletin of the AMS in the preceding five years.
  • Books that win the Joseph L. Doob prize reflect the highest standards in research exposition.
  • Papers that win the David P. Robbins Prize are broadly accessible papers with clear exposition. Topic: algebra, combinatorics, or discrete mathematics.
  • The Best Writing on Mathematics, By Mircea Pitici (book published annually by Princeton University Press)
  • Communicating Mathematics, T. Chow and D. Isaksen, eds., Contemporary Mathematics #479, AMS, 2007.
    Proceedings for a conference in honor of Joe Gallian. In the MAA Review, D. Glass writes, “true to the spirit of the conference, the level of exposition is significantly higher on average than one finds in most conference proceedings. Many of the articles would be accessible to advanced undergraduate students (and would provide excellent examples to show what a paper which is high in both mathematical and expository quality looks like)…”
  • Intersections — Poetry with Mathematics
    “Mathematical language can heighten the imagery of a poem; mathematical structure can deepen its effect. Feast here on an international menu of poems made rich by mathematical ingredients…gathered by JoAnne Growney.”
  • This website’s audience awareness page includes a list of examples of good math writing for a general audience.
  • The article “Geodesics on the Blogosphere” by Brie Finegold includes links to many good blogs relevant to mathematics. Published in MAA Focus, Feb/March 2012.
  • See also writing samples attached to this page (“Related media folders”), which include both good writing samples and examples of common writing problems.
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