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Listening to mathematics

Ravi Vakil’s “The ‘Three Things’ Exercise for getting things out of talks” is written for graduate students but is relevant to undergraduates attending colloquia as well. Weber, K., & Fukawa-Connelly, T. (2023). What mathematicians learn from attending other mathematicians’ lectures. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 112(1), 123-139.  If you are aware of helpful listening or note-taking resources, whether specific to mathematics or not, please contribute them for this page. General resources for listening and taking notes (not specific to mathematics) Boch, F. and A. Piolat, “Note Taking and Learning: A Summary of Research” The WAC Journal, Vol 16, Sep 2005, pp. 101-113.

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Active Listening Story

Fisher, Kopelman, and Schneider report on their study in which they found that preconditioning people to a particular point of view can prevent them from understanding others’ points of view. This story is used to emphasize that listening is not trivial–to hear what another is saying it can be helpful to listen “actively,” by checking that you understand.

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