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Proof writing HW

In this writing assignment from M.I.T.’s communication-intensive offering of Real Analysis, students choose 1 from among 3 (or so) proofs to write for their peers. The choice of problems varies each year depending on which problems have already been assigned for homework. We include the assignments from a few different years here to illustrate the range of problems assigned. It may be wise to warn students if some problems in an assignment are more challenging than others. For example, the Fall 11 assignment contains problems of different difficulty levels (“WritingAssignment2”). Many (but not all) of the problems come from Rudin.

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Notation and LaTeX table & fig HW

The logic exercises in this assignment require students to translate between formal notation and conceptual language, to learn to LaTeX a table, and to include a figure in a LaTeX document. The assignment is from the second week of M.I.T.’s communication-intensive offering of Real Analysis. It was developed by the 18.100C team, especially Todd Kemp and Joel Lewis.

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Lefschetz with highlighted revisions

These drafts of an article by Mark McLean illustrate how a proof can be improved by pulling out a lemma. Although the article is on an analysis topic beyond the understanding of Real Analysis students, Mohammed Abouzaid has drawn attention to the structure of the article by highlighting relevant guiding text, so the improvement caused by pulling out a lemma is clear.

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