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Sample Review

This sample review serves as a LaTeX template for students to critique each other’s in-class presentations. The review consists of two parts: (1) a technical summary of the contents of the lecture, and (2) a constructive critique of the delivery. Written by Steven L. Kleiman for his class Principles of Mathematical Exposition.

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Notation and LaTeX table & fig HW

The logic exercises in this assignment require students to translate between formal notation and conceptual language, to learn to LaTeX a table, and to include a figure in a LaTeX document. The assignment is from the second week of M.I.T.’s communication-intensive offering of Real Analysis. It was developed by the 18.100C team, especially Todd Kemp and Joel Lewis.

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LaTeX skeleton for journal article

Skeleton for journal articles to be published in M.I.T.’s Undergraduate Journal of Mathematics. The journal is no longer published, but this skeleton is still used in some of M.I.T.’s communication-intensive math classes. Save the style files as mathp2e.sty and thmp2e.sty (remove the final number from each name) and store them in the same folder as the .tex file.

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