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Presentation workshop–Carnahan

This one-page outline summarizes a workshop on how to give a mathematics presentation. The instructor begins by giving a practice run of a real talk he will be presenting shortly in another context, students critique the talk in pairs and then the class as a whole discusses the highest priorities for improving the talk. This workshop occurs at the beginning of the term before students have begun giving their own presentations, so the instructor concludes the workshop with some “veteran advice” for how to prepare a presentation. Links are included to handouts for critiquing a presentation and for preparing a

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Classwork and homework in a seminar class

Before the (spring 2010) term started, I talked with some alumni about their experiences in the undergraduate seminar classes at M.I.T., and they suggested that I add more structure to my class (Seminar in Number Theory) than just student talks. In particular, some of the alumni felt that they only managed to establish a solid grasp of the subjects of their own talks, and that some kind of exercises after each talk might help solidify things. I think the format I chose has some room for improvement, but the students did seem to be on top of all of the

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