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Reading strategies and activity

In the MIT Department of Mathematics’ Undergraduate Seminar in Theoretical Computer Science, which is taken primarily by juniors and seniors, students write a term paper on a topic of their choice. To do so, they must find and read sources, including mathematics research articles. Attached are a suggested reading strategy (student resource) and an in-class activity designed to introduce students to the reading strategy and to familiarize them with some of the common features of mathematics papers that facilitate the finding of information within the paper. Course lead: Zachary Remscrim Communication lecturer: Susan Ruff

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Reading mathematics

The following resources are about reading mathematics to understand it. Resources for students Terry Tao’s blog What’s New has a section On Writing with a subsection on reading writing. Additional blog posts suggest ways to further deepen understanding: Learn and relearn your field and Ask yourself dumb questions–and answer them! Stewart, I., “How to Learn Math,” Letters to a Young Mathematician, Basic Books, 2006, pp. 62-70. (Book Review at MAA website) This letter is from a wonderful collection of letters from a mathematician to “Meg,” as she progresses from a high school student wondering whether higher levels of math are

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