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Math lab class

M.I.T. professors Michael Artin and Haynes Miller developed the Project Lab in Mathematics, which was offered for the first time in 2004 and which has been refined by subsequent instructors. Students work in teams of three on problems such as “If the reciprocal of a prime has a repeating decimal expansion, what can you say about the period with which the decimal repeats?” Each team works on three such problems during the term, collaboratively writing up their results from each project and presenting one of the projects to the class as a whole. Semester schedule The first class or two

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Teamwork workshop

Context: This workshop from MIT’s Project Laboratory in Mathematics prepares students to collaborate in teams of three to research mathematics, write papers, and give presentations. The purpose of this workshop is to give students tools they can use to help their teams function productively. The most important part of the workshop is the discussion that follows the team activity. Authors: This workshop was developed primarily by Susan Ruff; the activity (not reported here) is from Google, via Robin Shostack Student preparation: Before the workshop, students watch the video Overcoming Unconscious Bias from the Global Communication Center at Carnegie Mellon University. This

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