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Writing workshop questions for students

This one-page reading assignment presents questions for students to consider as they read a draft of one of their instructor’s published papers. This assignment precedes a workshop on how to write a paper, in which the students discuss the draft and a revised version of the paper as well as writing process. From Pedro Reis’ Undergraduate Seminar in Physical Applied Mathematics at MIT.

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Connectivity example–physical mathematics

This handout for a workshop on writing a math paper presents three versions of the same paragraph. The writing samples are designed to illustrate how ordering information within sentences can strengthen connectivity between sentences, thus creating flow and making the logic easier to follow. From Pedro Reis’ Undergraduate Seminar in Applied Physical Mathematics at MIT.

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Physical Applied Mathematics–Pedro Reis

The aim of this undergraduate seminar at M.I.T. is to expose students with an interest in the modeling of physical systems to recent developments in the literature. Topics will include, but are not restricted to, fluid mechanics, elasticity, fluid-structure interactions, soft matter physics and applications to biological systems. The backbone of the course will be to gain acquaintance with the process  of scientific production, namely: reading of recent literature, oral presentation of material, writing of a journal-like paper and refereeing of other’s work. COURSE STRUCTURE Each student will give 4 presentations throughout the semester, with increasing length and depth of

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